My name’s James and I’ve been blogging on this site since late 2013, writing about leaf-blowers and socks and whatever else I feel like on my personal blog. But now I want to write more meaningful things, more narrative-based things, and more pretentious things, so this blog exists, a place for me to write poems, short stories, and other things that involve words that could loosely be called ‘art’ if they actually turn out to be any good.

Unlike my personal blog, where there is a new post every day, or my collab blog, where there is an upload schedule for each of the bloggers, I’ll be updating this site whenever I feel like; if I have an idea for a story, or a few lines of verse, I’ll post them, so watch out in case I write like a story every day for a week then nothing for a month; creativity’s a bitch like that.

And for those of you unfamiliar with me, and who don’t have the time or patience to plough through a week’s worth of posts on my personal blog, I’m a first-year English Literature student at UCL, who’s lived all his life in London, likes Rise Against, Anavae, Anti-Flag and Minor Threat, and defies writing convention by only writing his own things, and not actually reading anything else written by another human being ever. Seriously, I’m doing an English degree and have read like none of the things my professors, mentor and even friends know in worryingly fine detail.

Finally, comments and criticism are always more than welcome – I suck as a writer, as all writers do when they start, so any improvements to my ideas, style, or anything else will be much more appreciated than a silent and vague ‘like’ alone.



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